Sonos Plugin Test Scripts

I’ve written a small test script to help debug a basic issue that may exist on the Indigo server that would prevent the plugin from functioning at all.  To run the script, open up a terminal on the Indigo server and type the following:

cd "/Library/Application/Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 7/Plugins/Sonos.indigoPlugin/Contents/Server Plugin"

python ./lib/ [ZonePlayer IP] [Indigo Server IP]

The ZonePlayerIP should be the IP address of a device that you actively use during the testing.  The Indigo Server IP is self explanatory.

You should get output for each track that is played with many details as well as any changes in volume and balance.  If you see any errors, please report them as they indicate there is some new music source or variation of a music source that I have not supported.

One thought on “Sonos Plugin Test Scripts”

  1. With the latest upgrade of Sonos, the indigo plugin now throws lots of errors and causes Amazon music to declare it’s already running on another device. Typically on reload, it works for a day or so before throwing errors.

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