Honeywell Thermostats

Adjust your thermostat from anywhere. Create your own unique look to match your home’s decor. Enjoy unsurpassed comfort control. Receive reminders to change a filter or be alerted of extreme home temps. Beauty and brains collide with Honeywell’s Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat.


Download the latest and greatest version here:

This is a plugin for the Honeywell line of connected thermostats.  Currently, there is support for the Wi-Fi series (6580, 8580, 9580, 9590) and evohome line.  Photos of the various Honeywell lines of thermostats are available here:

The plugin polls for updates for each thermostat device every 30 seconds.  Future versions will utilize a more real-time TCP stream API that my friends at Honeywell are hard at work on.
The plugin maintains full state of the thermostat including acknowledging that heating or cooling is being requested of the hvac equipment.  Custom states include outdoor temperature and humidity.


All basic thermostat actions are available:

  • Set/Increase/Decrease Heat Setpoint
  • Set/Increase/Decrease Cool Setpoint
  • Set HVAC Mode (Cool, Heat, Off)
  • Set Fan Mode (Auto, Always On)
Additionally, there is a custom “Setpoint Status” action to place the thermostat in a temporary/permanent hold, or cancel a hold and go back to the regular schedule.