Honeywell Thermostats: WiFi Devices

Now it is time to create a device for each thermostat you wish to control in Indigo.  Each device in Indigo is configured with a Honeywell Device ID that is generated when the thermostat is added to the TCC site.  A quick way to display the entire inventory of devices is to run a custom action from the Plugins / Honeywell menu called “Log TCC Device IDs”.  You will get a listing in the Indigo log with an entry for each configured device that looks something like this:


To create a device in Indigo, click “New” in the Indigo Main Window.  Select “Honeywell” in the Type dropdown, and the model of thermostat you have in the Model dropdown.  Currently only the Wi-Fi thermostats are supported.


Once the model is selected, a new dialog will appear:


Type in the ID from the log listing earlier that corresponds to the thermostat you are configuring.


Rinse and repeat for each thermostat you wish to configure.