Sonos: Devices

The Sonos plugin uses Indigo devices to represent Sonos ZonePlayers.  A device needs to be created for each ZonePlayer you wish to control.  Each device keeps track of the ZonePlayer’s states.

It is important to note that you should not create a device for a Sonos Bridge, SUB, or any ZonePlayer that is not the master in a surround or stereo setup.  For example, if you have a full surround setup with a Playbar, 2 Play:1’s, and a SUB, it is only necessary to create a device for the Playbar.  If you have 2 Play:1’s in a stereo pair, the master ZonePlayer needs to be created within Indigo.  The easiest way to find out which ZonePlayers are masters, type in the following url in a browser:

http://[Any ZonePlayer IP]:1400/status/topology

Click on the ZonePlayers header and look for Zone Names that represent surround or stereo groups.  In the example below, I have a surround group called Cave.  The second column (Coordinator) indicates which one is the master ZonePlayer that should be configured as a device in Indigo.  The Location field identifies the ip address of each ZonePlayer.